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Buying a house costs money. In Albany, NY, the median home value is $180,900 and the median selling price is about $170,000. In other regions the values can be much higher. That's a large expense, not only to purchase, but also to maintain. In order to protect all that you have invested in your property; the house itself, your possessions, family members, pets and even houseguests, it is crucial to obtain a homeowner's insurance policy. That's where we come in.

At the Ten Eyck Group, we can help you enroll in the policy package that is best for you and your investment. In the event of a loss, you'll be glad you have the right coverage to protect you.

Why Do I Need Homeowner's Insurance?

Homeowner's insurance can help with the many costly repairs in the event of damage to your home and its contents. Instead of digging into your own pockets to pay for unexpected loss, proper coverage can provide the resources needed overcome an obstacle that may otherwise prevent you from living in your home.

Homeowner policies can pay for many costs from damages done to your home. Some examples of the exposed hazards would be fire, theft, vandalism, severe weather, as well as, legal fees from liability suits. Be mindful that having this coverage does not free you from your basic homecare duties to make sure your living space is habitable and secure. A Homeowners policy should not be looked upon to provide for normal maintenance and wear and tear expenses.

What Coverage Does My Homeowner's Policy Include?

Most policies include, at least, the following coverage options:

  • Dwelling Insurance: This coverage pays to help you repair the house itself following damage.
  • Possessions Insurance: This coverage insures your personal belongings, such as clothes, furniture and electronics.
  • Liability Insurance: This coverage will pay for third-party injuries and property damage caused by your mistakes or negligence. Policies will usually cover accidents both on or off your property.
  • Loss of Use Insurance: If there was severe damage to your home, you may be temporarily displaced while undergoing needed repairs. This coverage will help with costs like hotel bills.

Do I Need Specialty Coverage Options?

Within the standard coverage options, you can choose a variety of enhanced coverages such as:

  • Medical Payments Insurance
  • Scheduled Items Riders
  • Detached Structure Coverage
  • Sewer Backup Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Endorsements

Can I Choose My Own Homeowner's Insurance?

In many cases, your mortgage lender will require you to buy a policy that contains certain limits. You must maintain the policy coverage limits for the life of the mortgage. While most lending institutions want you to cover their interest in your home you should be sure that you work with your agent to insure your home for the proper Replacement Cost of the home and your possessions. Often the purchase price or mortgaged amount has no correlation as to what you need to actually re-construct your home or to replace your possessions.

Still, no two homeowner's policies are identical. There are a variety of coverage forms that can provide varying levels of coverage dependent upon your individual needs. You should never assume that all policies are alike. Discussing your particular needs and wants with a professional agent are a very important step in making sure you are purchasing the proper coverage for your unique circumstance.

How Much Does A Homeowner's Insurance Policy Cost?

New York's statewide average home insurance premium is nearly $1,300. However, that's not necessarily what you'll pay for your policy. Numerous factors impact premiums such as:

  • The value of the home
  • The home's location
  • The amount of coverage you choose
  • Your Credit Score
  • Your history of homeowner's insurance claims
  • The type of construction and fire protection
  • Age of the home and its key systems and components

We'll complete an extensive analysis of your risks to make sure the cost always matches the coverage you carry.

How Do I Choose the Best Homeowner's Insurance?

In the end, you need your insurance to cover the full Replacement Value of your home, detached structures and personal possessions in the event of a total property loss. Your Ten Eyck Group agent is more than happy to assist you in purchasing a policy that covers not only standard risks, but also includes special coverage such as customized deductibles, replacement cost structure coverage, scheduled items riders and more.

Here When You Need Us

Ten Eyck Group Insurance will be by your side throughout the entire enrollment process. We offer a diverse portfolio of products and coverages that enhances our ability to help you sort through the available options. It is our goal to effectively help you select a policy that best suits your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us today for a quote!

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