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By Greg Barcomb There is a BIG difference between having insurance and managing risk.  Not sure what I mean?  Here’s an example:  you purchase a new car and in order to drive it off the lot in NY you need to have proof of insurance- so you buy an insurance policy.  You now have insurance! READ MORE >>

Protecting your loved ones financially following your death is a concern for many. Life insurance can provide a payment to your loved ones if you pass away while the policy is in place.  This is an important tool for many families. Life insurance can help to replace the income your family loses as a result of your death. READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb Technology is changing the world around us.  From technology in our cars communicating with the car in front to keep a safe distance to technology turning video games into virtual reality worlds!  (Did you evet get told “don’t sit too close to the TV”, as a kid? READ MORE >>

We appreciate your referrals and ask you to share in our cause  The Ten Eyck Group has been in business since 1905.  We are a business built on relationships.  It is our mission to put our clients first, always do right by them and never lose our sense of purpose. READ MORE >>

By Greg Barcomb When I was growing up and thought of “insurance”, I envisioned an outdated business with outdated people doing something that someday wouldn’t be around because something new and better would make it obsolete.  Basically I thought insurance was like a floppy disk. READ MORE >>

Purchasing flood insurance for your home or business isn’t something to overlook. Most property insurance policies do not provide flood coverage. If a flood impacts your home, you could suffer large losses to your home and belongings. If this happens, your homeowners insurance may not provide support to you. READ MORE >>

Owning an antique car is a very rewarding hobby for many car enthusiasts and gearheads alike. Maintaining these older vehicles is a very hands on activity, one that many people take pride in. Restoring and refurbishing antique cars, whether done for personal enjoyment or for car shows, takes a great deal of time and money to accomplish. READ MORE >>

While you might be perfectly comfortable and confident on your boat, there’s no denying that being on the water comes with inherent risks. Fortunately, avid boaters find that keeping certain items on board can come in handy in a sticky or risky situation. READ MORE >>

Flood insurance is not something to ignore the need for in many cases. If you own real estate that is located in a high-risk flood zone, protecting it from these financial risks can be difficult to do. There is no doubt that having proper property insurance is necessary. It protects the value and usability of your property. READ MORE >>

It’s 7:45am, and you are making the same commute you’ve made on a daily basis for the last however many years.  You are stopped at the same red light you seem to catch every morning no matter what time you leave.  A quick scroll down your newsfeed won’t hurt, right?  HONK. READ MORE >>

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